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Sales Department

We specialises on products such as: Samp , Sugars Beans, Samp & Beans, Peanut Butter, Salt, Sorgum maize and Peanuts and raisins.

All our packages are branded using our own logo and high quality.

The division also sells Several types of spices


Sammy Foods Brands are approved by the Ministry of Health through food safety and quality management, Our products are kept at Cool place and well stored with high standards of cleanliness ready for dispatch to Botswsana at large. All products kept in wares house and local manufactured to meet the standards of Botswana and your health demands.

This function applies not only to the inhouse but also to the services that support qualityb assuarance. Specialized solutions offered includebranding, receiving , dispatch and high standard manufacturing,

The division also uses high quality machinery to pack and dispatch to places around botswana.

With Packaging Proffessionals in this division trained and skilled in receiving , Packaging , dispatch & delivery our pros are successfully covered.



We also have Production Management division to cater for the production management of each and every process undertaken by Sammy Foods and its divisions.

With a large planning whiteboard taking up most of the production in warehouse space, and an efficient and effective Helpdesk The status and location of every job and manufacturer is monitored by Production Managers. Production plans are drawn up for every job taken on and meetings are held with our Sales staff and the client on a regular basis.

We believe that the interaction with the client is the most important part of any job and therefore our Prduction Managers are in constant with their customer via email, fax and phone and in person. Regular meetings take place on jobs where we are to deliver changes are updated and resubmitted any time there is change – either from the client side or our own. The production department also uses a relatively new concept to Botswana, the QCP. A quality control Program Document is a step– by - step sign off process agreed to by the client and the Pruction Manager before the job begins. When delivery is complete, signed off, certified and documented the QCP is signed and the job is deemed complete.

The projects department interacts with our Quality Assurance Department whose sole job is to ensure the quality for theproducts and to test and sign to confirm that they are ready for consumption and well paccked.